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Rachel Loshak’s sixth and most accomplished studio album yet. Produced by Grammy Award-winning producer, Dean Jones. SO BRIGHT captures deeply personal, yet universal, emotional journeys.

1.  Apple Tree 3:01

2. Up She Leapt 2:59

3. I Don’t Know Why 0:17

4. Come and Get Me 2:15

5. So Bright 2:53

6 Leave Him 2:02

7. I Will Dream 3:51

8. Morning Song 2:53

9. All For You 3:00

10. In The Middle 0:29

11. Swing Baby 1:32

12. Forever 2:11


Rachel Loshak’s fifth album is a compilation of live studio and home recordings with her vocals flowing effortlessly over the bass counter-melodies within deeper more personal songs.

1.  Colors 2:51

2. The World 4:12

3. In My Dreams 2:39

4. Fallen 2:43

5. Angels 3:18

6. Cold Heart 1:50

7. Golden 3:42

8. Music of My Heart 3:02

9. Bring Us Peace 2:24


Creative pop hybrid with soaring and delicate vocals, twisting, popping guitars, and a darker mellow vibe.

1. China Doll 2:15

2. Rita 2:54

3. Through The Snow 2:22

4. You’re The One 3:24

5. One Loving Thing 2:57

6. Hurricane 0:52

7. What Can I Do? 2:36

8. Turn Me Around 3:00

9. The Train 2:54

10. We Fled 2:54

11. Hearts Of Snow 2:46

12. Come On 2:39


Creative pop hybrid with soaring and delicate vocals, twisting, popping guitars and darker mellow vibe.

1. Rain 3:12

2. Never Look Back 2:39

3. The Dreamer 4:51

4. Single Rose6:19

5. Latin Rock III 2:44

6. No Words 3:45

7. Sweet As Sin 2:36

8. When The Moon And The Sun 2:25

9. Four-Leaved Clover 3:48

10. All Day Long 2:41

11. I Know I Could 4:51


A beautiful juxtaposition of unusually melodic bass figures underneath an angelically soaring vocal. Accompanied by tasteful guitar, drums and more…

1. Rita 3:08

2. China Doll 2:32

3. Everything’s Heavenly 2:31

4. Something Inside 2:22

5. Fire 3:51

6. O.K. 3:41

7. Don’t Wait 3:20

8. Won’t You Love Me? 2:16

9. Muddy Road 3:53

10. Still Want You 3:16

11. Beautiful Night 3:33

Announcing – The Moonlights!

Dear Friends,

I am very happy and excited to announce the upcoming February 10th release of a new album, from a new collaboration between myself and the wonderful and extraordinary Dean Jones! We worked together all through the winter and spring this year, writing songs, sharing them, then recording them right away.

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work again with Dean, to be challenged with my songwriting and ideas, to be able to share in his songs and most of all to have been able to go every day that we did and sing with all my heart.

I hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed creating!

With love,

Special Holiday Pre-Order

– CD ON SALE from DEC. 5-20




The Moonlights is an inspired collaboration between songwriters Rachel Loshak and Dean Jones. It all began in the winter of 2016 with just the flash of an idea taken up together in joyful spirit – and now, with their distinctive yet complimentary styles of music, the duo has created a stirring and deeply satisfying collection of beautiful, quirky songs for all ages.

The sophisticated and spare musical arrangements shine, beginning with the hypnotic opener That Light, the beautiful and rich harmony in Colour of Leaves, the haunting French horn pillows on the pastoral waltz Ah, The Moon and Jones’ homage to William Shakespeare, Peaseblossom. Rachel and Dean are joined by many special guests, including Justin Lansing and Joe Mailander of The Okee Dokee Brothers.

Whimsical, evocative lyrics convey the wonder and appreciation of our natural world, often with a little humor.

“My mother was a glacier. My father was a mountaintop. And when they got together, they made me.  I’m a rock.”

The music is a sonic painting with many instruments/colors, including guitars, marimba, English horn, recorders, organ pipes, strings, mbira, trombone, French horn and bass. Layers of beautiful voices bring close the messages of each of the songs.

“The geese, they fly in the morning. The geese they fly at night. A “V” that flies across the sky until it’s out of sight.”

Another summer of song

The summer ahead looks glorious!

I will be back at The Rail Trail Cafe in Rosendale NY for a couple of concerts – joined by a gaggle of wonderful people including but not limited to… Morgan Taylor, Jennifer Lewis Bennett, Dean Jones, Mark Bernstein, and The Rondout Girls Choir who I have been teaching over the past year.

I am also very excited to share that Dean Jones and I have been quietly and peacefully working away at an album together, of songs for children. Updates to follow!

Morgan was nominated for a Grammy!

I am over the moon to share that Morgan Taylor, my husband and musical partner for so many years was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Children’s Album for his latest Gustafer Yellowgold release, Gustafer Yellowgold’s Dark Pie Concerns!

Hot, hot, HOT!

Okay, it’s been too long! I have been enjoying my time over the last eighteen months focusing on my Waldorf teacher training. My music is never far away.  I have a concert coming up in Suffolk, England on August 7th, and will be so happy to be out of the hot and humid Northeastern USA! My whole body is not meant for it. Look out for some concerts coming up in the fall and winter, once the cooler air comes in, I’ll be going out more!

Happy New Year – it’s gonna be great!

I’m excited about the new year. I’m going to work with my husband, Morgan Taylor, on a brand new album of duets and co-writes. We have played and performed together on and off for years, and when we do, it always feels so great. So we’ve decided to make it official!

“An Evening of Music with Rachel Loshak and Morgan Taylor” – kicking off the new year with a performance to raise funds for our new record, as well as funds and awareness for Planned Parenthood of the Mid-Hudson Valley, on February 16th, here in Woodstock at the Klienart James Gallery.

SO BRIGHT – thank you

SO BRIGHT – thank you: To everyone who has supported me on this journey, musicians who have worked with me, friends, and fans who have contributed to making it all possible. Making this album has been a huge and transforming process for me, and I feel fulfilled and joyful now that it is out in the world. Thank you so much, everyone. love, Rachel

SO BRIGHT – shining now

SO BRIGHT – shining now
I  am very proud to announce that my sixth album, and the first studio album in nine years, is available now.

So much has gone into the making of this record over the past year, and it means a lot to me to be able to share it with everyone.

Join me in Woodstock on November 16th to celebrate the album.

New Home for SO BRIGHT

Chloe Annetts of Chloe Art and Design and I have been working since June to create a new home here for me and my music. I am so grateful to Chloe for sharing her immense expertise and beautiful style. I love you, Chloe!

Here you can find music, videos, albums for sale, new photographs by the amazing and talented DB Leonard, news about my new album, SO BRIGHT, and much more!