In The Middle by Rachel Loshak – Lyrics

If you think about your life you’ve been no slave
To the stresses and the strains that led your way
But now, life has got you on it’s string
And now you know, your final bell is gonna ring

In the middle of the day your heart slows down
But you’re doing what you can to stay around
For everyone of them who will miss you when you’re gone
It’s for them you, you are trying to hang on
Oh, you’re trying to hang on

For when you do
It should be quick, without pain
For when you finally close your eyes
I don’t want you to open them again

In the middle of your life is where you are, it seems
Wait another eighty years and believe my dreams
I look at you and I don’t think that you’re old
You’ll live forever I believe I was told
I remember being told
I remember I was told