I Will Dream by Rachel Loshak – Lyrics

Little did I know
When I first set eyes on you
How I’d watch you grow
Now I sympathize
Losing all the ties that held you back

Everywhere you turn
Other lives are moving on
A lesson could be learned
It doesn’t help the pain
Nothing feels the same when odds are stacked

I will dream of water in the stream
Pouring through my heart for you

Knowing how it feels
To hold a life inside of me
Walking through the fields
Both feet on the ground
Hearing all the sounds of every touch

I’ll listen for your heart
Praying that you’ll find some joy
Don’t be torn apart
Never in our lives will we love so much

I will dream of the light beyond the stream
Shining over you for real

Only with your love without your fears
Only with your love without your tears

I will dream of the moon above the sea
Tides are changing just for you