Angels by Rachel Loshak – Lyrics

Tell me can you hear me, asking you for mercy?
Friends are all around us, falling down.
Who are you to tell them, they should keep on running?
Do they even need us near about?

I’ve no angel’s wings, so they say
I’m only everything you see

If you tell me there’s a reason, for everything to happen
I don’t believe you, life comes what may
There won’t be any answers, there can’t be any futures
Only what happens, and it happens today

I’ve no angel’s heart for start
I’m only trying not to fail

I can’t keep my eyes closed, teardrops push them open
Will I ever see the same way again?
Are they gonna come back, are they gonna love us?
Are they gonna know that we’re not the same?

I need angels now, but how can they help me anyway?
I need so much love to bring us back today